Our Causes

Verdun for Verdun” Food initiative

Every week we will organize a food drive and donate a significant amount of fresh food to a local soup kitchen.

We are proud to announce that our partner for this project is Salvation Army. The Salvation Army serves soup to the poor and needy in Verdun area.

For more information about the Salvation Army, drop by their office at:

1655 Richardson

Pointe-st Charles


From your garden to a friend

Are you are a backyard gardener or do you have a lot at the community garden? Did you have a great harvest this season – with a little more than you and your family can eat? Please bring in your excess harvest and we can help distribute it to our friends and neighbours in need.

Bring your vegetables to the market information booth every market Sunday and we will be delivering to our partner Salvation Army to distribute to families in need.


Summer Food Drive 2012

Nuns’ Island Family Farmers’ Market invites you to help a neighbour in need by buying fresh fruits and vegetables from the market to be donated to families in Verdun. The donated food will be distributed to families in Verdun. You can also bring other donations including: non-perishable goods, canned food, toiletries, condiments (mayonnaise, ketchup etc.

Do you know a family that needs a basket of fresh vegetables? Drop us a line and we would take it from there…